Beginner Kindergarten Primary PowerPoints


Ever wonder if there was training for Sabbath School teachers? Well, there is! Sabbath School Training, especially for children’s Sabbath School, is available here.

If you’re interested in media for your children, sign up for our Podcasts; a reading of the week’s story. Videos are also available on Vimeo and with subtitles at Youtube or you can subscribe to our RSS feed or on iTunes. If you like the videos, please leave feedback.


GraceLink Storytelling iPad app

The GraceLink felt app is going through a major update. We ask for your understanding as we work on making it better than it was.

Remember when you used to sit in church, or at school, and they pulled out a storyboard and used felts to illustrate a story? Well, that’s what we have for you now: electronic felts built on the free weekly Kindergarten videos. The app is called GraceLink and is available for the iPad on iTunes.

The GraceLink app has a default library of “felts” that can be used to tell stories from Scripture. Depending on use and demand, the plan is to release graphic packs that relate to the week’s study; one graphic pack specific to the story of that week.

Features include:

  • A lockerbox to keep the resized “felts” so that when you’re telling the story it is placed exactly where you chose to place it and at the size you chose.
  • “Crayons” are provided so children (and the rest of us) can draw their own story, or add “colour” to the laid out felt story.
  • The app also has an email feature so teachers can email the finished storyboard to kids in their class, or kids can email grandparents or friends, or parents can upload it to Facebook or Twitter. (Hey! We created it, what you choose to do with it is totally up to you)
  • The app can be projected to a screen.

The lessons for Beginner, Kindergarten, and Primary Bible Study Guides are included in the app. The lessons will also be available in French, Spanish, and other languages as when possible. In Settings, you can choose to read the Teacher Editions if you need to prepare to teach a class. Click here for more information

(We didn’t add audio and video to the app because we understand kids may choose to access that content in the middle of quiet time at public gatherings. Yes, we’re parents, too. More importantly, we were kids, too.)